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Full EP out November 22 on Popgang Records


released November 22, 2016

Elliot – all music, words, instruments, recording, mixing, etc

Mastered by Adam Vee
Photo by Téa Mei
Freak Dream logo by Martin Reisle

Dedicated to the memories of Todd Serious, Tommy Milburn and David Gismondi.



all rights reserved


Freak Dream Vancouver, British Columbia

New solo project from current member of Big EviL and Togetherness and former member of SSRIs, The Rebel Spell and Sprïng.

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Track Name: Let Me Out
i've been trapped by fear
i've been stuck with doubt
but i'll no longer be afraid
i've got to let this out
we'll push through past this pain
this sadness left behind
we'll build these muscles stronger
nothing can stop us now
i know we can't be broken
i know that we can't quit
i'll no longer be afraid
we don't have time for it

let's heal these wounds together
let's watch these scars fade
i feel my blood pumping so hard
i feel like i could break

let this out
let it out
let this out
let me out

you can't get past this

these dark days are going to pass
and these dark clouds are going to pass
past sadness and heartache
still vulnerable but stronger
nothing can stop me now

i feel like i could explode
past sadness and heartache
burning through this life
i want to let this all go
Track Name: Almost Gone
i remember rooms beautiful
full of music and love
even though it won't be the same
i haven't had enough
i remember rooms of people screaming
but banging heads now just nod
guitars and voices just mumble
and the words add up to what?
well i remember songs that inspired
your lyrics that changed lives
don't tell me now that we're old and tired
that our idealism's died
time passes, my youth fades
but i still want it all
keep these memories as inspiration
and try a little bit more

and so another hour is gone
and then another day is gone
and soon another year is gone
i feel my life is almost gone

it's so easy to be defeated
so boring to give up
i want to feel the opposite way
to feel this is just the start
that past will never return
those friends are gone
take from them, their wisdom and passion
and keep moving on

almost gone

to honor the spirits
of those that left us
still burning so bright
i'm not giving up today
not going to sleep tonight
in the name of justice and peace
i can feel you by my side
with power and strength
and love to help us by
Track Name: How Can I
everything i used to have, well
seems to have gone away
everyone who used to be there
is not here today
i'm trying to keep myself together
i'm trying to stay strong
but i'm grasping at threads of nothingness
how can i fucking go on

all i can feel is loss, weakness and fear
everything so fucking distant
nothing left that's near
all senses choked and numb
or fucking gone
i feel so close to the bottom

how can i fucking go on
how can i go on

remember when things felt together
not broken apart
i remember i used to feel something
other than ache, in my heart
but now those days feel
so far fucking gone
i feel so close to the bottom

you can't get past this

i can't fucking do this
(i can fucking do this?)
Track Name: Breathe II
("it never gets easy
unless you give up
and if you do
you won't know
because there's nothing after death")
Track Name: Get Up
my heroes were millionaires
full of self-hate, or so they sung
i was captivated by the sounds of their screams
their guitars and their drums
but what about the consequence of idolizing
existential despair?
When teenage angst turns to self defeat
determination to never go anywhere

you know they want you to stay down
they fucking want you to stay down
you know they want you to stay down
you let them win when you stay down

doesn't it keep us pacified?
wallowing in the comfort of sad
day after day, drink after drink
stylishly depressed
well i'm sick of spending so many hours
feeling sorry for myself
well fuck that

so get up

you know they want you to stay down
so get up

don't get down